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My name is Dr. Acosta and I am the director of the Office of Clinical Research – OCR at JPS Health Network in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. John Peter Smith – or simply JPS – is the county hospital for one of the largest counties in Texas, the Tarrant County. JPS is tasked with providing quality medical care to its 2.08 million county residents for which JPS had managed over 1.2 million patient encounters in 2019 alone. That number will only grow.

With this large number of patient encounters, it was natural for JPS to establish what is now the Office of Clinical Research. OCR aims to centralize, optimize and manage quality care via clinical research as alternatives to regular care for its patients.

OCR as a research department attracts cutting edge drug, medical device and biologic industry sponsors to the Fort Worth area. We conduct clinical studies in the industry ranging from wound care research to cardiovascular research. We also attract startup companies wanting a place to build a clinical framework for their products. Because of our infrastructure, technology and desire for quality outcomes, many research sponsors have found us to be the site of choice over the years.

Mission: Transforming healthcare delivery for the communities we serve.

Vision: To be a regional and national leader in:

  • Improving the patient and family experience
  • Improving the quality and outcomes of population health
  • Improving access to care.

To serve the JPS mission, the Office of Clinical Research seeks to promote research for the advancement of healthcare and improve the wellbeing of our patient population and community by providing resources and guidance to support JPS faculty, residents and staff in planning, submitting, conducting and analyzing their initiated or funded research.

In fulfilling this mission, the OCR strives to:

  1. Facilitate research by providing guidance and tools that are relevant, focused, accessible, and current;
  2. Support investigators and research teams through process improvement, innovative technologies, and education and training initiatives;
  3. Centralize expertise and support for the conduct of human research
  4. Develop collaborations with other research organizations.

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The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) was established in 2017 to provide support and build centralized infrastructure for high quality clinical research endeavors at JPS. Since its inception, OCR has worked to form networks with various departments and leadership within JPS, coalesced the pockets of research in various units, grown its research coordinator workforce, encouraged resident research, integrated with the physician groups, partner with UNTHSC for research approvals, developed community research partnerships, and conducted successful Research Symposiums.

The OCR Team comprises of 4 groups namely:

  1. Clinical Trials Operations –
    Oversees all matters related to industry sponsored clinical trials.
  2. Biostatistics –
    Provides quality and effective statistical support for all research needs.
  3. Research Integrity –
    Engaged in research enterprise risk management and regulatory support.
  4. Office of Sponsored Programs -
    Partnership dedicated to collaborate and improve the health outcomes of JPS patients.

The OCR team is listed below:

Melissa Acosta
Melissa Acosta
Director, Office of Clinical Research
Celeste Caliman
Celeste Caliman
Manager – Clinical Res. Ops.

Team comprises of Team Lead Coordinator, Certified Clinical Research Coordinators and Project Coordinator
Andrew Adorboe
Andrew Adorboe
Manager – Res. Integrity

Team comprises of Regulatory Specialists and Regulatory Coordinator
Somer Blair
Somer Blair
Manager – Biostatistics

Team comprises of Data Analysts and Project Coordinator
Margery Blake
Margery Blake
Manager – Sponsored Programs

Team comprises of Senior Grant Coordinator, Business Operations Analyst and Grant Coordinator.

Monday – Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

1500 S. Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
(817) 702-3655